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Leverage strong user authentication tool to control the trolls and improve the quality of your conversations
Build highly visual user onboarding flows with simple but powerful custom data
Engage with powerful features such as Posts, Notifications, Recommendations and much more
Revitalise or build your community from scratch!

Common questions

What is indyRIOT?

Invite your users, members or fans to become part of a customisable, white-label community platform. Build your community, your way on your domain. Its like having your own private social media platform!

How long will it take build?

How long is a piece of string! 😉
But we can go live in under a month! It's all up to you.

Can I have this on my own domain

Yes, once have got your community built you simply change the DNS to point to a page on your domain!

What help and support will be available to me?

As a customer, we will help you ensure that you build and learn how get your community up and running as quickly and easily as possible. A dedicated member of the Customer Success team will help you from the very beginning starting with our Customer Onboarding programme. You can read more about that here.

Do I need to know how to code?

No coding skills needed! It’s all driven through our own content management tool. Which are built to be the easiest community building tool on the market!

What does it cost?

Pricing starts from $25,000 per year. One of the most complete, cost-effective, all-in-one community building tools available!

What does White-label mean?

This means that no one will know that it is powered by indyRIOT and that your brand identity takes centre stage (unlike traditional social media channels!) This includes being able to update logos, colours, themes to your brand kit. Plus its on your domain too.