Tailor your community with our feature modules

Every community is unique. We offer a broad set of feature modules to drive engagement and interaction on your site - select the ones that matches your needs.



Empower your team to create high-quality content with our blog editor! Make it easy for users to find relevant content by organising it in categories.

In the works: Personalised content recommendations for users based on their interests.


Drive participation to your events by showcasing them to your community.

Our Events module lets you schedule in-person, hybrid or virtual events. If you are hosting your event on a virtual platform, you can add a link for your members to easily join.

Connect speakers and partners/sponsor profiles from your community to highlight them during your event.

See who's going and interested in joining your event to see engagement created in your community.


Live Streaming

You can now add your live streams directly in your event!

Our Events module support embedding videos and live streams from the major video providers such as YouTube Live, Twitch, Vimeo Live etc.

Easily add the embed codes when you create an event and users will be able to watch the stream on the event page.

User Profiles

Let people in your community express themselves in unique ways, by sharing content and contributing in discussions.

Let users connect to each other and your staff, forming a knowledge graph.

In the works: Content and members are matched with our recommendation algorithm, tailored with your custom data.

User profile

Identity management

Controlling identity is key to creating a safe community.

Authentication of users is done through our sister company indyKITE with their platform for solving advanced Authentication, Authorization and Identity Verification needs for customers. 

User management

Assign roles to both staff, external contractors and community members to let them moderate forum, manage content & events!

User roles

Understand your users

Customize onboarding to help you understand your community, or tailor content to the categories users are interested in.  

Non-User Profiles

Non-User Profiles

Give your partners/sponsors, products, stores, office locations, teams or any other entity a presence in the community with a profile they can share information on or post content from.

Post jobs and opportunities

Post opportunities (jobs, volunteer work, internships, project grants, funding opportunities etc.) that community members can apply for.

Easily process applications in the platform (add-on) and add multiple managers that reply or chat directly with the applicants from their application page.

Applicant Tracking System
Buy access


Set up and manage your own subscriptions with our Stripe Connect integration.

Build monetization strategies through tiered access to content, limited access to post job ads and send applications, partner packages with company profiles.

Link to or integrate any external webshop to drive purchases from the community.

Custom Branding

Make the platform you own by applying your logo, colours, tone of voice, fonts as a theme that flows throughout the site.

Set up the top navigation in the order you want, add external links or embed content from external pages

Change theme and colours

Engage your users.

Let users connect with each other to share knowledge, tips & tricks and best practices.


Users can message their connections with direct messages, start group chats or video call directly in the platform.


Facilitate knowledge sharing and community members helping each other in the Forum module. Create categories and tags to sort discussions.


Users are alerted to relevant activity such as connection requests, chat messages and recommendations.


Intercom, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hubspot and Stripe. With more to come!


Find content and people with relevancy set by our knowledge graph.


Support for multiple languages.

Easy administration

Tailor your community site to your needs with powerful administration tools.

Manage roles and permissions

A framework for assigning roles to both stakeholders, staff and community members to let them manage content and events.

User list export

Easily export users from within the Admin panel for uploading to your CRM or other analytics tools.

Access settings

Decide which sections of your site should be publicly available or require login. For private communities, set an access page that requires a key to enter.


Set custom SEO title, description and keywords for the site to make your community rank in search.


Create subscriptions for access to content you want to keep exclusive for paying members using our Stripe integration.

Custom Navigation

Override default feature names and icons to make them your own, from the admin panel.