February 26, 2023

Community programs are increasingly focused on driving growth

Community programs have become an increasingly important part of businesses' growth strategies. According to a recent survey, 19% of community programs are now focused on acquisition as their top objective, up from 13% the previous year. While customer support and success remain the most popular objectives, with 24% of programs focused on this area, this represents a slight decrease from 26% the previous year.

This shift in focus is significant, as it indicates that businesses are recognizing the potential of community programs to drive growth and acquire new customers. Traditionally, community programs were seen as a way to engage and retain existing customers, providing them with support and resources to ensure they have a positive experience with a brand. However, as businesses have started to realize the value of online communities in driving growth, more resources are being allocated towards acquisition.

One reason for this shift in focus may be the increasing importance of customer advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing. As consumers become more skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing methods, they are turning to their peers and online communities for recommendations and advice. By building a strong online community, businesses can leverage the power of customer advocacy to attract new customers and drive growth.

In addition to acquisition, community programs are also being used to drive other growth-related objectives. For example, some programs are focused on driving product feedback and innovation, allowing businesses to gather insights from their customers and use them to improve their products and services. Others are focused on building partnerships and collaborations, allowing businesses to tap into the expertise of other companies and organizations to drive growth.

Overall, the shift in focus towards acquisition and growth represents an exciting new chapter in the evolution of community programs. By leveraging the power of online communities to acquire new customers, businesses can tap into a powerful source of growth that can help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. As more businesses recognize the value of community programs in driving growth, we can expect to see even more innovation and creativity in this area in the years to come.

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