September 28, 2021

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“Building a product on top of iMessage or Facebook or Snap’s social graphs can be great, but the network belongs to them, not you. It doesn’t mean you can’t bootstrap off another network, but ultimately you need to own your community.“

Until recently, it was commonly accepted that "social" was done. The market had been fully saturated, the thinking went, dominated by the holy trinity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Building a product on top of their social graphs can be great, but the network and the date belongs to them, not you.

Turns out, rumours of social's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Not only are we seeing the rise of innovative new social networks — from the ear-share of Clubhouse to the seamless interactivity of cloud gaming — but having a social component has become a powerful acquisition and retention tool for every consumer product, across education, shopping, fitness, food, entertainment, and more. Building community is good business.

indyRIOT offers a turnkey Community and Networking Solution (read: nothing like any community and networking solution you’ve seen before).

This ecosystem can be the bridge between the digital and live community, with the indyRIOT solution, you can support your users by providing them with a tool for their year-round relationship with you.

Create, build and engage

Give your users the agency to create and build their community, and expand your playing field when the community grows into an ecosystem of fans with projects, dreams, and hopes together.

With personal logins and identities, the platform will generate unique profiles and as a result, the fanbase will be more visible and transparent for you and each other.

Seeing what they like, what engages them, and what energizes them, your values and purpose can be more focused and candid.

In addition, brands, people, creators and fans now talk and connect more genuinely, which builds stronger bonds and meaning - and a true sense of impact and belonging.

The solution is built on the network graph, giving the same recommendation opportunities as you have on the tech giants and Social Media platforms - only you own and access all your own data, and enable the two-way communication between brand and users, in a secure environment.

With your brand's purpose visible and alive online, the awareness of social responsibility, collaboration, and partnership, the unity of the play for a better world stays immediate and present all year.

So let your community of fans be part of this journey in being the most inclusive brand in the world. And with our white-labeled SaaS system, with complete functionality out of the box, enables our clients to quickly launch their own, fully branded, independent community platform, take full ownership of their crowd, and replace heaps of other systems.

This is a bold move in the direction where we, and future generations to come, can re-own our own identity online. It doesn’t mean you can’t bootstrap off another network, but ultimately,

It's your community - Own it!

❤️ Kimberly & Lasse

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