September 6, 2022

What does indyRIOT offer for Community Managers?

indyRIOT offers a way for you to build “social websites” without the need for an in-house tech team or a large budget by offering a unique combination of:

Content management platform
Editor for blog posts, landing pages, events, projects

Advanced Job posting & Hiring modules
Deploy applicant submission & tracking tools for you and your members today!

User and Entity profiles
Users can have a profile that others can connect with, entities (companies, things - for example stores, products) can also have profiles.

Identity control & access management
Design your own sign up flow, with options for identity verification, gather custom data to understand you community

Let users discover valuable content and find relevant people to connect with our recommendation engine and knowledge graph

User engagement
Private messaging/chat for users, short-form posts & personalized newsfeed, forum

Data management and control
Import/export data about community members, integrate with other services you use, create a safe environment with moderation features

Revenue options
Let community members access premium content with subscriptions.

Customers are currently trying to build this through custom developed websites that often end up costly, or combining different off-the-shelf tools that results in a fragmented fan & member experience.

indyRIOT is an online social community platform that makes this all much easier and smoother for both community managers and builders and importantly for the fans, members and users.

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