September 4, 2022

What makes indyRIOT special

There’s a shift happening away from big tech platforms, especially social media platforms.

Companies no longer want to force members of their communities onto the social media platforms that abuse and sell personal data and that also lack appropriate user and content safety controls.

Unsurprisingly, users are feeling exactly the same way. Community membership shouldn't mean abandoning the data controls and privacy protections that your community demands.

indyRIOT is not a social media platform but a new type of online social community

We want to give the power back to businesses and their community members to control their own data by building a white-label social community platform.

We want to be the natural choice for online community builders who want to build authentic, trustworthy and lasting communities that believe in;

  • High-quality content & engagement
  • Knowing their community
  • Placing digital sovereignty at the heart of the community

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