August 31, 2022

Why bother with your Community?

Half of the Fortune Global 50, as well as the 50 highest valued startups in the world, are investing in community programs.

Why are they doing this? Because

...building a community around your business is a vast force and untapped potential for business.

If you have Product Market Fit (PMF) or looking to create this, you have a tremendous opportunity to build a strong and healthy PMF by creating a community membership platform around your customers.

(Product Market Fit = you can confirm that high percentage of your customers based on product usage, will renew. Read more here)

In all sales, marketing, and customer success programs (including customer service, support and customer experience), the key strategy will be to use the community to support themselves and your business, by creating new business support channels, generating new opportunities, ideas, insights and feedback directly from your customer community.

Customer community building for brands should become an extension of your existing teams. It is problem solving at scale with a live, dynamic customer community programs.

Large companies such as Salesforce, Airbnb, Lyft, Reddit, Dualingo, Google, Fitbit, Lululemon and Twitch all have extensive community programs as part of their service. Similarly, other companies have also started with a community-first mindset from the grassroots; the design tool FIGMA was created for designers to collaborate and is now valued at $10 billion, whilst the project management tool Notion has over 20 million users, utilising templates made by the community and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. (Read about Notions incredible story here. )

At indyRIOT, our aim is to support all brands looking to solve or build upon the product market fit strategies with our community platform at the heart of your community programs.

It requires clear community driven strategy, focus and resources, which needs to include community tools, ideally in one community platform, that helps companies to build solid PMF through this community-first mindset.

This massive and untapped opportunity to activate customers across their community, is where indyRIOT helps.

Find out more why indyRIOT makes sense for your community needs!

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