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Provides a seamless experience for students at educational institutions to connect with one another, collaborate on projects, discover events and create and share knowledge.

Try out the ultimate platform for creating a vibrant and connected campus and alumni community today!
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"Thank you for creating this new student community. I think it is a great resource for connecting with my other students and sharing ideas and resources. Your dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive community for your students is greatly appreciated."

Student at Noroff
Niklas Frogner

"I truly believe this platform will be an asset and benefit to the students at Noroff and I’m envious that I didn’t have this opportunity when I was a student at Noroff myself!."

Niklas Frogner

Project Manager, Noroff


Safe, Secure, and Private Online Communities for Universities

With features such as SSO, private spaces, content permissions, student & services directory, everyone can easily stay connected and work together even when they're not in the same physical location.
Newsfeed, reactions & posts
Public and private spaces
Student & Service Directory & more!

Connecting with your alumni in a whole new way!

By staying connected to your alumni network, you can build a strong community that supports your current students and helps them succeed in their careers after graduation.

With private spaces, content permissions, student staff and resources directories, everyone can easily stay connected  even when they're not in the same physical location. Our Alumni Private Spaces also allow former classmates to reconnect, exchange knowledge and job opportunities, and showcase their accomplishments, building a strong community that supports current students and helps them succeed after graduation. Strengthen your institution's community with indyGO.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the free trial.
How long is the free trial?
Your Free Trial will end after 14 days. If you would like to trial for a bit longer, please get in touch!
What does it cost?
The Free Trial is… Free! 🤩 After the trial has ended you will be contacted by out team. Our basic indyGO plan starts from €381.25 per month.
What help and support will be available to me?
If you have any queries regarding setting up your Free Trial Community, you can visit our open Product Community. There, you can find our Knowledge Base and Product Updates for further information. In addition you can also join our webinars every Tuesday & Thursdays here.

Once you are a paying customer you will also have access to our Customer Success team too!
What is indyGO?
IndyGO is a white-labled social media & networking platform for you to engage and connect with your audience while maintaining control of your data.

Built by indyRIOT, indyGO is the our entry-level platform that offers everyone the chance to build, manage and grow your own network, community or user base, quickly and easily.
I want to buy, what should I do next?
Great news! We look forward to welcoming you onboard ❤️
If you would like to buy or learn more about our Community platform, please book a meeting with us or contact us directly.
What does White-label mean?
This means that no one will know that it is powered by indyRIOT and that your brand identity takes centre stage (unlike traditional social media channels!) This includes being able to update logos, colours, themes to your brand kit. Plus its on your domain too!
Can I have this on my own domain
Yes, once you have got your community built you simply change the DNS to point to a page on your domain!
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