indyGO - getting together online has never been easier

A crazy fast, easy to use alternative to traditional social & messaging tools. Create hyper relevant news feeds, public and private areas, granular user permissions, chat and more...!
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What can you do with indyGO

The right tools for you

Allowing you, your members, partners & sponsors, to connect and share ideas, opportunities, and knowledge in a dynamic, thriving online community, that you own.

Why build it anywhere else, when you can launch it with indyGO!
Create Spaces for members to share ideas and knowledge
Let members connect with chat
Write blogs and posts that inspire and engage
Be even more appealing with exclusive job and opportunity posts
Let the community create your newsletters with Weekly Digests
Collect feedback with engaging polls and questions
Customize your members profiles with Custom Fields
Promote Events and live stream them
Allow multiple contributors shared use of a profile
Allow community members to collaborate in private spaces
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"We contacted IndyRIOT at 10am, and at 2pm our community was up and running!"

Kristine Moe Sirnes
Co-Founder, XXOX Opportunity Festival
Birgitt Liodden

Using indyRIOT, we have the best from LinkedIn, combined with a more Tinder approach to match resources both small and big.

Birgit Liodden

Founder & CEO, TOOL

Privacy & Data ownership

Its your Community & Data - own it!

Data privacy and user controls are central to our core product values. With enhanced identity management, data residency and SSO options, you really can own your community and data!
Privacy and user control as standard
Enhanced identity and SSO options
Data residency available
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