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The ultimate social platform for your company to engage and connect with your audience, while maintaining full control of your data.

Unlock the power of networking on your own domain now!
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What if you could have...

A social platform on your domain, where your members & users can build meaningful social connections on a platform that you manage ❤️

Tailored by you with features you and your members need

Without the clutter and noise of traditional social media

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With wholly owned engagement channels

All the data is in your control

Use cases

We support communities of all kinds

We believe that every individual and group has the right to connect, communicate, and build a sense of belonging.

Investor Portfolios

By providing the necessary tools and resources, your portfolio companies can take advantage of the network effect, having access to a larger community of founders and investors to collaborate and exchange ideas.


Recreate the on-campus feeling by allowing students to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge with one another. With an Alumni Community to reconnect with former classmates, exchange knowledge and job opportunities, and show off accomplishments.


Make your fan community a year-round gathering place! Create a safe, vibrant space for fans to share and celebrate their passion with each other through meaningful connections between teams, players, events, and clubs.


Enhance the event experience and create year-round engagement! Say goodbye to exchanging business cards - IndyRIOT allows participants to follow each other and create lasting connections that last beyond the event.

Co-working Spaces

Connect, collaborate, and grow with indyRIOT! Our platform offers a single destination to work on projects, showcase companies and opportunities, and find like-minded people.


Give your professional network a place to connect and to share ideas, opportunities, and knowledge cross companies and boarders. Allow companies to collaborate and strengthen their network.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building Communities faster than ever.
"We contacted IndyRIOT at 10am, and at 2pm our community was up and running!"
Opportunity Festival
I truly believe this platform will be an asset and benefit to the students at Noroff and I’m envious that I didn’t have this opportunity when I was a student at Noroff myself!
Niklas Frogner
Project Manager, Noroff
We help tennis players upgrade their skills, play more often, and win more matches. indyRIOT allowed us to quickly build out a community where users can share learning experiences and tips that keep them coming back to use the app.
Trond Kittelsen
Founder/CEO, SevenSix
"We love the new approach indyRIOT has taken to the community space! Bringing people together to have the conversations they need to have to build really cool stuff in the future."
Patricia Alfheim
Communication Specialist, indyKITE
"Using indyRIOT, we have the best from LinkedIn combined with a more Tinder approach to mach resources big and small."
Birgit Liodden
Founder, TOOL

Create and Engage 🚀

Invite members to an upcoming event, share knowledge in an article, and drive engagement through polls, reactions and commenting.

Let your members be the content creators in your community!

Connect ❤️

Create a safe environment for your members to connect with you and your brand, and for them to find likeminded people to exchange ideas, create and share knowledge, and be the core of your community.

Members can easily find new friends near them and someone new to with shared interests.

Explore 🧭

Let members to join, follow, create, and discover content from both you and each other. Create dedicated spaces to lay the groundwork for your Community, and encourage a sense of belonging while providing a secure environment for members to express themselves.

Establish a Community where members can engage in meaningful conversations, build relationships, and cultivate a vibrant community.

Customize 🎨

Reinforce your brand by customizing your community! Decide how your members will navigate and explore by highlighting featured content and spaces.

Let your brand personality shine through, and make your members feel like they're part of something special.
About us

We're a dedicated team of experts who will help you succeed.

Our company offers a unique social platform that allows you to create a tailored online community within your own domain. With this platform, you can build meaningful connections between your members and users, while still having full control over the features and data.

Unlike traditional social media, our platform is free of clutter and noise, and provides you with exclusive engagement channels. This gives you the power to create a personalized, engaging and user-friendly social space that meets the specific needs of your community.